Saturday, September 13, 2014

Prayer—a Labor that Works

Last winter, my husband and I had dinner with the oldest son of my college roommate. I hadn't seen him since he was a child. My roommate passed away in 2004 after many years of battling a brain tumor. As her son updated us about his life and family, I learned that his wife was a teacher at a school on the other side of Washington State. I, of course, was interested to find out if there was a Moms in Prayer group for this school. When I got home, I checked.

Moms in Prayer International

The answer was no. In fact, there wasn't a Moms in Prayer group for any of the schools of this particular school district.

So, both of the Moms in Prayer groups that I was a part of at the time prayed that God would work and move moms to start a group.

This summer, I was so excited to share with my groups' members that there had been an inquiry from a mom about the very school we prayed for. AND then just as the new school year was in its first days, a mom registered as a group leader for another school in this school district.

Praying moms, all we did was pray. We didn't "do" any other thing. We just labored in prayer.

We weren't able to drive across the state, visit local churches, put up flyers, pass out prayer cards, etc. So, we labored in prayer.

As James wrote, we followers of Jesus are no different than Elijah. Our patient prayerful perseverance is a labor that brings to earth the tremendous working power of God. (James 5:16b-18 AMP)

Make no mistake. Prayer is a labor that works because it is God Who does the work.

Are you not seeing answers to your prayers? Don't give up. Keep waiting on the Lord. He will work.